Communication done right


You need surefire copy that convinces your customers that you have what it takes. You need a translation that makes your content come alive in another language. You need someone to get the nuts and bolts right of your academic paper. You want words that hit the target. In Eisbär, you have found what you're looking for.



SEO copy, press releases, newsletters, tweets, brochures, web, white papers and more.

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From Dutch to English, from English to Dutch and from German to Dutch or English.

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Corrections, commentary, style revision, editing and read reports, general as well as in detail.

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In one capacity or another, I've done work for companies such as Barco, Delaware Consulting, Focus Advertising, Sopra Banking Software, the University of Ghent, Wienerberger, Investereum, Oxygen and Vlerick Management School. I've also helped individual customers, students, graphic designers, small businesses and even music bands. Perhaps you're next?

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