More about Eisbär


Even from an early age, it was evident that I would end up earning a living with language. As a child, I tore through piles of comics, books and, later, magazines and newspapers too. I wrote my first stories when I was 8, and I still write to this day. There are few aspects of language that don't fascinate me. This fascination is blended with a solid methodology and a drive to succeed. I don't do low effort work.


I have over 8 years of professional experience in copywriting, translation and editing, mainly in a B2B-context. In addition, I have basic skills in graphic design, usability and presentations, and I have experience in project management and branding campaigns. I hold a Master's degree in language and literature (English and German) from the University of Ghent.


I deliver honest work for a fair price. I honor my commitments, which also means I never make unrealistic promises. Working with a blend of experience, intuition and knowledge, I always go for quality and I tend to eschew cheap buzzwords or pedantry. You can find out more about my specializations on the pages that detail my approach to copywriting, editing and translation. You can contact me here.


As a native to the beautiful city of Ghent, Belgium (°1983), my curiosity knows almost no bounds. I can tell you the names of most of Saturn's moons and I know why Antarctica is named Antarctica, I know Caesar didn't actually invent Caesar salad (it wasn't even named after him), and I've studied the DSM manual of personality disorders because it interested me. The moon landing was absolutely real, though.

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